Gambling Terms Unique to Online Poker Terminology

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Gambling Terms Unique to Online Poker Terminology

Online casinos are designed to recreate the brick and mortar gambling establishment. The games basically follow the same rules, and the terms are mostly the same. So if you have been playing at a brick and mortar casino, you are already familiar with the terms that you may encounter when playing online. However, there are still additional terms that are used in online casinos only. Some terms are completely new, while some are old Internet terms that are also used in the online casino community. Some are the same as the terms used in the traditional casino scene. The only difference that can be noticed is that online, there is a different interpretation of the term. Terms arising from the online bonus system

Because online casinos require registration or membership, there are terms unique to them that have been created. These terms are usually related to the bonus system. The flow of money in an online casino is different from that of a brick and mortar casino. Depositing and reloading are of utmost importance in the online gambling world. The deposit refers to the money the player may use online. You may think of it as your chips in the brick and mortar casino. Reloading is basically putting in more money into the accoun, or “playing with more chips,” so you can raise your bets and play multiple games at one time.

* Wager requirement

It is the number of hands that you have to play before you can cash out your bonuses. As a number one rule, beware of online casinos who put very high wager requirements. You may think that you are getting a great deal by signing up at an online casino with plenty of bonuses. Unfortunately, sky-high wager requirement will keep you from enjoying your rewards or bonuses.

* Online casino bonuses

There are several kinds of online casino bonuses depending on the establishment that you registered in. The terms used to name the bonuses are quite unique to the online world. Sign-up or welcome bonuses, however, could be applied to any online business. Here are some online casino bonuses:

– Reload bonus

This term is also used in online gaming such as sites with role-playing games. You get points or cash added to your deposit once you put in some more money into your online casino account.

– No deposit bonus

Some online casinos entice their would-be members by giving free trials. This is something that does not happen in brick and mortar casinos. Online, you can get hooked into playing some more because of free games. Maybe you started out wanting to just check out the site until you find yourself coming back for more. The free trial via no deposit bonus is another marketing scheme used by online casinos.

– Preferred payment mode bonus

In this modern world, credit cards are widely used. Brick and mortar casinos are no exception; they will definitely take cash or credit. However, the Internet has more means of payment such as PayPal and money transfers. Some online casinos prefer a certain method of payment. If you use any of them, you will get a bonus.

Online rules and related gambling terms

Some gambling terms are used both in the brick and mortar and online casinos. These terms may be as simple as naming a person employed at the casino to serve players. The use of the term may differ slightly, however.

* Crew

While this refers to people who work at the casino (e.g. cashier or dealer), the term refers to the area where you can transact money online. This may be a page on the online casino site.

* Croupier

This term refers to the male or female casino worker who serves your table. In the online world, it is basically the same. The difference, however, is that the online croupier is represented graphically.

Technologically-oriented gambling terms

While this section discusses terms that are not exactly gambling terms on their own, online casinos make use of them. They are terms that are used in an online casino but are not used in a brick and mortar one.

* RNG (random number generator)

Random number generators are very useful in the online gambling world. While traditional casinos depend on the fast and agile hands of their dealers, online casinos make use of programs that generate random numbers or in some games, cards. RNG (random number generator) is used by all online casinos to ensure safe and fair play.

* Flash casino

Some online casinos require you to download a software, but if your computer is Flash-enabled, you do not have to download anything. You just use the Flash environment to play your favorite casino games.

* Avatar

An avatar is not really a unique term in the Internet world. It is a small image that represents you on the Internet. You can also use an avatar to represent yourself when you play casino online.

* Bot

You can use bot instead of a Flash environment. It is a computer program that can play casino games over the Internet. Though not a gambling term, some online games would have not been possible without it.

* Browser-based software

Besides Flash, you can use another program to host the environment of your chosen online casino without having to download anything. You can play via browser-based software, which is already installed in your computer anyway.

As you now know, gambling terms online do not really differ much from the gambling terms used in physical casinos. Even if you play blackjack at your local casino, you will not be at lost with the online version of this card game. You can easily learn the new lingo online with the help of glossaries and some practice. As you keep on playing, you’ll then add new words to your online casino vocabulary. Once you get to know these terms, you can make a smooth transition from brick and mortar casinos to online casino games. These will make the world of online casinos much clearer to you.